I’m very pleased to announce that Plastic People #1 is now at the printer and will be available in our store soon! This is the first installment in a new series that I’ve been working on. It’s also the first book to premier in our new 4X6 short comic line. This line came about due to my want to produce printed comics in a more timely manner. To that end, it occurred to me that a small 8 page book could easily be produced on a more regular basis than something larger (especially since we’re regularly producing webcomics every week). Here’s a quick preview for you to enjoy:

Plastic People #1

Plastic People #1 cover Plastic People #1 page 1 Plastic People #1 page 2

Come to Los Angeles, where everyone is safe, happy, and beautiful. In the future, LA has put into law that everyone must undergo plastic surgery to look the same. The city is now full of two types of people, male and female. What could possibly go wrong?

8 page 4X6 mini-comic with black and white interiors and a glossy color cover