I’m very pleased to announce that Glimpses of Life #1 is now at the printer and will be available in our store soon! This is the first issue of what I plan on being an ongoing series that will regularly collect my journal and memoir comics (amongst other things in the future I’m sure). I’m very excited about this comic, it feels good to finally have a place to print these journal comics. I’m not sure why it took so long to dawn on me that I could produce a regular comic to house all these journals… oh well. Here’s a quick preview for you to enjoy:

Glimpses of Life #1

Glimpses of Life #1 cover Glimpses of Life #1 page 1 Glimpses of Life #1 page 2 Glimpses of Life #1 page 14

Starting where The Big Year left off, this is the first 16 days of life with a newborn baby. Witness the birth, love, crying, and pooping that ensue.

16 page manga-sized comic with black and white interiors and a glossy color cover

Also, be sure to be on the lookout for The Big Year’s Kickstarter next week!