Derek and I are very excited to announce that in the very near future we will be launching our first Kickstarter campaign! This campaign will be to raise money for our new book, The Big Year, which is the sequel to Fear of Flying.


About the Book

I got engaged to the love of my life in November of 2014. Looking into the future it was clear to me that the following year of my life was going to be epic, Amy and I were deep into the house hunting process, the wedding date had been set for June 27th and planning was in full swing. It occurred to me that it could be fun to document these life-changing events for myself and others.

So on January 1st of 2015 I set out and began what was planned to be a year’s worth of journal comics. Typical of life (and journal comics), more happened than I was expecting. Mid-summer, Amy revealed that she was pregnant. The book suddenly covered every major event in adulthood. I decided to extend the book for the length of the pregnancy, since the baby being born felt like a more appropriate ending than the arbitrary December 31st date that I had originally planned on.

Over the course of a little over a year, we bought our first house, got married, went to a foreign country for our honeymoon, discovered we were pregnant, went on a cruise to some more foreign countries, and had a baby. Not surprisingly, the comics in this book cover all sorts of territory, from things that happened in my day-to-day life to introspective thoughts about life and love to just plain silliness. It’s amazing what can happen in a little over a year.

The Big Year  The Big Year The Big Year The Big Year

Why Kickstarter

In the past, Derek and I have fronted all the money for our books, which has put a limit on the number of books we’ve been able to have printed in a given print run and also the number of books we’ve been able to print during the a given year. Kickstarter’s been around for awhile now and we’ve finally decided to take the plunge and give it a try.

Derek and I are treating Kickstarter as a way for readers to pre-order the book and also as a means for us to do a larger print run from the outset. We’re hoping that this will also act as a way for new readers to get their hands on our books that may not frequent the conventions we go to.

What Are the Risks of Helping

To be frank, there aren’t any. Everything for The Big Year is done (except for the cover design which I’m currently working on). Once the Kickstarter is over, the book will be printed and shipped to you. It’s that simple.

So be on the look out for our Kickstarter in the next week or so and be the first kid on your block to get their hands on The Big Year.