Drunken Cat Comics presents our second foreign language book, written entirely in Japanese.

Ninja blood
and, that of,
To the Warrior in the dragons

Since April of 2013 you have been warned that a storm is coming… in summer of 2013. Now, in the summer of 2015, that storm has arrived… in the form of a 16 page manga size comic. You’ve had ample time to prepare. This comic tells the epic journey of Ninja Squirrel, a squirrel who is a ninja, and his quest for revenge against those who took his beloved. There are swords. There are mice on motorcycles who have swords. There is sushi. It’s even in Japanese. What more could you want out of a comic?

Gomibako: Sūpāhappīrobotto tanoshī jikan will be available in July of 2015.