There was a time one needed look no further than their newspaper funny pages to get their daily dose of yuks. Along came Al Gore, who invented the internet, which made newspapers obsolete. Where was one to turn for their daily laugh-y pictures?

The universe’s prayers were answered in the form of the webcomic. But as the web grew, so did the webcomics, until there were too many to keep up with! If only there was a curator for all this online hilarity. Someone who could sift through the glut of online funnies and find the wheat from the chaff. Well, leave it to a couple of Canadians to take it upon themselves to navigate the vastness of the internet to bring you some of the best comics the web has to offer (and I am not just saying this because you can find Drunken Cat Comics on there, although you can), all on one convenient site called Comikka.

Comikka officially launched late last year but has been in development for some time. Brian and I took our first meeting (sounds so grown up, doesn’t it?) with them via Skype sometime in the spring of 2015.

The beauty of Comikka is that while it looks great on your computer or laptop, they understand that those aren’t always the main mediums people are using to absorb web content these days. Comikka is designed specifically as a mobile comics reader, meaning it’s made to be viewed mainly on a tablet or smartphone, so you can quickly ingest your funny and be on with your day.

Even though they have parred down the comics to the cream of the crop, it can still look a little overwhelming at first. If this still all seems to daunting, might I suggest some of my favorites from the bunch?

  • How about “Fall on Me” which is an autobiographical comic based on moments and anecdotes from married life.
  • Or perhaps autobiographical isn’t your style. Well then try “Down the Upward Spiral,” which I feel falls in line with the random nature of our own webcomics.
  • What about a comic about a pirate just trying (and failing) to get by in the suburbs? That tickle your fancy? Well then check out “Pirate Mike“.
  • Gentle Creatures” attempts to put a new spin on the time-tested formula of a bunny-dog-stinkbug friendship.
  • Want something with a twisted sense of humor? Try “DiscoBleach“. The name alone screams “Adult Swim” material.
  • Something more kid friendly? Check out “Ozy and Millie” It’s a 2009 Comic Strip Superstar award winner.
  • Last, but not least, check out a webcomic by another bearded gentleman, called “It’s the Tie

These are just a few suggestions, but really you can’t go wrong with any of them. Take a look around their site. Perhaps you’ll find a new favorite artist or series. And if you do, be sure to tell them the Drunken Cat guys sent you.