I’m very pleased to announce that Plastic People #4 is now at the printer and is available for pre-order in our store! The fourth installment of this series and things are starting to cook. I had a lot of fun making this issue and it may be my fastest turn around between issues yet. I also am very pleased with how the wraparound cover turned out. Anyway, here’s a quick preview for you to enjoy:

Plastic People #4

Plastic People #4 cover Plastic People #4 page 1 Plastic People #4 page 2

A dead girl. How did she die? Who is she? Gabe and Liz go to the coroner for answers but what the discover will shake them to their cores.

8 page 4X6 mini-comic with black and white interiors and a glossy color cover

Pre-order your copy of Plastic People #4 today!