You don't give Gary Larson enough credit


You really don't.

How many times in your daily life do you stop to think about Gary Larson? Probably none. How many times should you stop to think about him? At least 34. Having done the Daily Shot for just over two months now, I can tell you how hard it is to get a daily strip made. And making it funny... well I still haven't mastered that. But he did. Every day. For... some amount of years. So why haven't we given him a major award? I mean  besides the Reuben Award for Outstanding Artist of the Year and the Newspaper Panel Cartoon Award. And other awards. But those are not enough!

Brain surgery is nothing compared to what Gary Larson had to do each day! Once you've done it long enough, brain surgery can become routine. But not making a daily comic strip. Oh no! You have to actually generate new ideas. Like everyday! And then draw them. So give Gary Larson more credit guys...