The Return of Ruffians

The Return of Ruffians


October is almost upon us! And with it comes candy cone, pumpkins, and... the first new issue of Ruffians in almost five years. Why the hiatus, you ask? I'm NOT telling you...

..Just kidding...let's just say, it's very hard to come out with a monthly book. It's even harder when you're working two jobs and going to school full time. So a break was needed so that I could finish school... and acquire an astronomical debt.

All that aside, it feels great to be making Ruffians again. As it stands, Ruffians is one of the most personal tales I've ever told... which is kind of an odd thing to say about a book that stars a three foot tall, blue bear wearing boxing gloves but, I've never been accused of being normal.

I'm just really happy to finally be on the road to finishing this story. So prepare yourself cause Scar's back! He's still on the trail of Black Jack's killer and he's still leaving piles of bodies and blood in his wake.