Hey gang!

I am so excited to announce that as of a few days ago, we have crossed the finish line on our Kickstarter goal! The project will be funded. Everyone who placed a pre-order for a physical copy will get a copy. The digital PDF files will be out even sooner. Soon you’ll get to see what I’ve been looking at for months and what Brian experienced for the past year and a half. What a time to be alive!

Woo Hoo

But why stop there? Just because we reached our goal doesn’t mean we have to slow down. Anything raised now will just help to offset the cost of future runs and publications. Publications of books that haven’t been drawn yet… possibly a book that could end up being your favorite book of all time! Don’t you want your favorite book of all time to be published? There’s no better time than now to up you donor level. Or if you’ve given as much as you can (thank you!) share the campaign with a friend.

Brian and I really do appreciate everything you all have done for us, not just with the Kickstarter but also over the years. Your comments and clicks help keep us going. We want to say thank you to each and every one of you.

Stay tuned, because the best is still ahead!