I’m very pleased to announce that Glimpses of Life #4 is now at the printer and is available for pre-order our store! This issue continues Amy, Kayla, and my adventures with baby Izzy. Izzy makes quite a few discoveries in this issue. For the front and back covers on this issue I decided to use them to showcase some growing fears about time and the forth-coming mobility of baby Izzy. Here’s a quick preview for you to enjoy:

Glimpses of Life #4

Glimpses of Life #4 cover Glimpses of Life #4 page 1 Glimpses of Life #4 page 2 Glimpses of Life #4 page 4

More misadventures in the world of having a newborn! Witness the discovery of hands, rolling over, tacos, and more!

12 page manga-sized comic with black and white interiors and a glossy color cover

Pre-order your copy of Glimpses of Life #4 today!