If you think about us at all, you probably think Drunken Cat Comics is just a website that posts new comics every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. But that’s just our current form.


Did you know we used to update on a DAILY basis, with TWO COMICS on Wednesdays? It’s true. Take a look back through our comic archive and you can see it all from the very humble beginnings to where we are now.

I have recently considered going back and getting rid of some of the “filler” material from when this site acted as a means to draw in more readers. If you take a look, you can see how the quality really suffered when the site was about keeping up the pace of a comic-a-day. This got me thinking about how far Drunken Cat Comics has come, as a website and as a business.

When we started, it was just two high school kids, writing and drawing when they could. In the very beginning and up until about 2011, it was Brian doing all the drawing. At first it was a collection of short comics gathered into “Drunken Cat Presents” books. Then Brian went on to do two on-going series, Ruffians and Plungerboy. Plungerboy has since finished its run and will be collected in an omnibus in 2017. Ruffians is rapidly reaching the exciting conclusion of it’s 13 issue, over-a-decade long run. You’ll never guess how it ends:


After college, Brian and I started collaborating again, long distance, spending evenings writing scripts over the phone, scripts that would eventually find their way into the Drunken Cat Anniversary Special.

I decided I wanted to try my hand at making a comic and that was how “The Life and Death of Mr. Burger” was born. Maybe the drawings were crude (due to me not understanding that I had to save the images at 300dpi, not the 72dpi that I was used to with online images), but all the characters were there. Mr. Burger. Mr. Burger’s wife. Mr. Burger’s son. The McRib character.

It was around this time we both realized we needed to draw more eyes to the site in order to promote our published work. That’s when the idea for a Daily webcomic, the “Daily Shot” came into play.

I was at first going to just draw stick figures and very simple rudimentary jokes, which if you go back to the very first few comics, was exactly what I did. Soon the comics started developing into lengthier multi-panel works, and Brian started doing full page comics every Wednesday (“Mixed Drink Wednesday”).

Sometime while attempting to draw our second foreign language book, I decided I was going to need a few weeks hiatus from doing the daily comic. This few weeks turned into a few months. We both noticed that a daily comic was becoming a pretty pressing demand and actually hurting the quality of the work. At some point we figured out that we really wanted to focus our efforts on making more printed material, but we still wanted to keep the webcomic around as a chance to stretch our creative muscle.

It was decided that we would stop the single panel strips and both take turns drawing multi-panel endeavors. So as to not burn out, the schedule was set to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with each of us alternating what days we would post. And we’ve kept up with that pace ever since.

Stay with us, because we continue to evolve, looking to expand into other areas such digital copies of our printed work (some which you can already buy here!) and much more. Thanks for reading!