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Dec 31Rollerskates are Dangerous
Dec 30The Missing Red Skelton
Dec 29Oscar the Louse
Dec 28Gender Confusion
Dec 27Greatest Elfin’ Showdown Ever: Ernie Vs. Elmer
Dec 26A Small Boy VS. Wacky Inflatable Arm Man
Dec 26Death is a Bully
Dec 25Ever Wonder What Happened to All the Pound Puppies That Never Sold?
Dec 24Christmas Eve
Dec 23What Ever Happened to the Apple Jacks Kids?
Dec 22Satan and the End of the World – part 2
Dec 21iDrunk
Dec 20The Pimp and the Pauper
Dec 19Satan and the End of the World
Dec 19What Ever Happened to the Two Other Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bakers
Dec 18The long lost final episode of “The Gummi Bears”
Dec 17Some days are like this…
Dec 16The “Hitchcock of Comics”
Dec 15Taste Buddies
Dec 14Parson Brown is a judgmental prick
Dec 13Jason goes to FunLand
Dec 12He Sees You When You’re Sleeping.
Dec 12Was it something I said?
Dec 11Frosty 2013
Dec 10Some days are more artistic than others…
Dec 9Doc, there’s a hole where something was… [Take 1]
Dec 8Toilet Humor
Dec 7Billy’s Dream
Dec 6Billy – Best Christmas Ever
Dec 5First Aid for Cuts and Scrapes
Dec 5Spoilers for Toddlers
Dec 4I imagine this was actually said at one point in history…
Dec 3Something
Dec 2Because Everybody Loves a Cowboy… on FIRE!
Dec 1Robots from Space!!!
Nov 30Billy – The Avengers!
Nov 29(Hopless) Romantic
Nov 28Mr. Peanut
Nov 28Another Dick Joke
Nov 27The Vatican’s Best Kept Secret
Nov 26We’ve all wondered why the monsters never did this..
Nov 25Week of Thanks: Gib, Brian and the Laughing Ogre
Nov 24Week of Thanks: Bob Corby
Nov 23Week of Thanks: Chris Monday
Nov 22Week of Thanks: Jon Kulczar
Nov 21Chris and Jed are Friends
Nov 21Week of Thanks: 127 Hours in the Style of Heather Hively
Nov 20Week of Thanks: Dutchy Digest
Nov 19Week of Thanks: Jed
Nov 18Now I have a jet pack! Ho-Ho-Ho!
Nov 17Tell me you wouldn’t watch this. I dare you.
Nov 16A peek behind the curtain
Nov 15Get that man a damn chocodile!
Nov 14Hummingbirds
Nov 14Hey Girl…
Nov 13Time Travel Epilogue
Nov 12Time Travel Part 3 (Epilogue Tomorrow!)
Nov 10Time Travel Part 2
Nov 9Time Travel Part 1
Nov 8Been Drinking!
Nov 7Mating Rituals
Nov 7Billy – Who I want to be when I grow up
Nov 6The Clear Choice
Nov 5Don’t Vote for The Drunken Cat
Nov 4Don’t Vote for Little Puppy!
Nov 3Red Robin’s Secret Shame
Nov 2I drew this on my first trip to New York
Nov 1Terrifying
Oct 31Happy Halloween, Mr. Pumpkin!!!
Oct 31The Scariest Thing I Could Think Of…
Oct 30My Horrible Diet
Oct 29Sunny Day of the Dead
Oct 28Highlights of Highball 2012
Oct 27Happy Birthday, you drunken butt butthole face guy
Oct 26A True American Chimp
Oct 25The Constant Battle Inside My Head
Oct 24Night of the Living Redshirts
Oct 24Alternate Ending: An American Fail
Oct 23In this one, I am played by a penguin
Oct 22They gave out donuts!!!!
Oct 21A Dick Joke
Oct 20Happy Wedding, Evin and Angela
Oct 19On the Road
Oct 18It would be like dating the internet!
Oct 17Your Brain on Booze
Oct 17Beneath the Pipes
Oct 16Just Desserts…
Oct 15More Pillow Talk
Oct 14Coming Soon!
Oct 13A hero for all of us
Oct 12The Winter Dilemma
Oct 11Some days are funnier than others
Oct 10We’re Never Alone
Oct 10Let me elucidate something for you…
Oct 9Time and Citalopram Changes Everything
Oct 8Wah wah wah waaahhh
Oct 7The Future and I
Oct 6What a catch, ladies
Oct 5My Friend Zack
Oct 4You never outgrow your childhood…
Oct 3It Never Pays to be Smart
Oct 3No-Armed Exploitation
Oct 2Snuggie Love
Oct 1Why I am sad…
Sep 30Technical Difficulties… Please Stand By
Sep 29No One Ever Expects the Canadian Air Mounties
Sep 28The Truth about St. Louis
Sep 27One of the braver moments from my past…
Sep 26The Truth about Love
Sep 26Drunken Cat Anatomy
Sep 25Where Are They Now? Alpha 5
Sep 24Lessons Learned From A Road Trip
Sep 23Survival of the Sheep
Sep 22All Bread Goes to Hell
Sep 21I Never Trusted Teddy Ruxpin
Sep 20Where Are They Now? Snarf from Thundercats
Sep 19I Hate Public Restrooms
Sep 19iSuck
Sep 18Facts You May Not Want To Know: Beaver Buttholes
Sep 17Billy – Lazer Tag
Sep 16Billy – He Man
Sep 15Billy – G.I. Joe
Sep 14Billy – Ninja Turtles
Sep 13Another Never Published Family Circus Cartoon
Sep 12Proper Electric Socket Safety
Sep 12Elves suck.
Sep 11Those clowns in congress did it again. What a bunch of clowns.
Sep 10Academy Award Winner: Sharktopus
Sep 9Failed Mascot Sunday: Luciano PavWalrus
Sep 8Goatee-Yay!
Sep 7If you think a 5 year old drew this… he did.
Sep 6Conflicted message
Sep 5It’s like Pandora’s Box and Stuff
Sep 5My Friends: Justin
Sep 4Where Are They Now? Chip the Teacup
Sep 3This will not get you hired.
Sep 2Crocodile Tears
Sep 1Internet Troll
Aug 31Ode to the AMC Bumper Girl
Aug 30This Could Get Epic….
Aug 29The Wake Up Call
Aug 29Wickett Pennyworth
Aug 28Homeland Security
Aug 27The Truth about Nutrition
Aug 26We’re Raven About These Deals!
Aug 25The Origin and Death of Wunder Bunny
Aug 24The Worst Muppet
Aug 23Rock the Vote
Aug 22Murder Bear
Aug 21Where are they now?
Aug 20There can be only one.
Aug 19Failed Mascot Sunday – The Raisin Industry’s Purple Brain
Aug 18I Don’t Use Soap Unless it Kills Things!
Aug 17The Evolution of Pop Music
Aug 16Forget it, Jack. It’s Chinatown.
Aug 15Where Babies Come From
Aug 15A Word from the artist
Aug 14Loch Ness Monsters are jerks…
Aug 13Bigfoots are notorious liars…
Aug 12Failed Mascot Week – Cheattron 1 Billion
Aug 11Failed Mascot Week – Groin Kickula
Aug 10Failed Mascot Week – Dingo Baby Snacks
Aug 9Failed Mascot Week – Bernie the Zombie Battery
Aug 8Never Trust a Sober Dog
Aug 8Failed Mascot Week – Dingle
Aug 7Failed Mascot Week – Timothy Fullbottom
Aug 6Failed Mascot Week – Larry the Fire Extinguisher
Aug 5Failed Mascots – Cluck-a-Dude Chicken
Aug 480’s Mascots: Where Are They Now?
Aug 3I am Going to Terminate this Cereal
Aug 2You Know Sh!t Is Serious When They Call In…
Aug 1Velociraptors make Terrible Babysitters
Aug 1Dilophosaurus make Bad Fast Food Employees
Jul 31Coffee Saves The Day Yet Again
Jul 30Cowboys, Aliens and Angels
Jul 29Failed Mascot Sunday – Hog Hefner for the McRib
Jul 28This is how the world ends…
Jul 27New Cereal Ideas (with guest artist Heather Hively)
Jul 26Make Mine a Chris Monday
Jul 25Booze Knight
Jul 25Are We Really Going Back to this Well Again?
Jul 24This really happened…
Jul 23Your _tupidity i_ Ki_ _ing Peop_e
Jul 22Sunday Failed Mascot – The Grapist
Jul 21Tomorrow’s Will Be Better, I Promise
Jul 20The Dark Knight Runs Part 3
Jul 19The Dark Knight Runs Part 2
Jul 18Booze: my anti-drug
Jul 18The Dark Knight Runs Part 1
Jul 17Always Check Your Sources
Jul 16Who Thought Caramel Apple was a Good Cereal Flavor?
Jul 15Sunday Failed Mascot – The Hammurder
Jul 14Slay Dragons like a Man
Jul 13Coffee and Celexa are the Reasons I can Talk to You
Jul 12Space Love… European Style
Jul 11The Drunken Cat Begins!
Jul 11A Pubic Service Announcement