I’m very pleased to announce that Blirps is now at the printer and is available for pre-order in our store! For our latest 4X6 comic line I’ve decided to let the Blirps loose on the printed world. The Blirps have been a fan favorite on the site for some time now and re-reading all the old comics recently has actually inspired me to make more comics featuring them, which has been fun. Here’s a quick preview for you to enjoy:


Blirps cover Blirps page 1 Blirps page 2

Everyone’s favorite awkward long-necked monsters finally collected in one comic! Witness the awkward conversations, anxiety, fear and confidence. Collects 9 of the Blirps adventures in one comic!

8 page 4X6 mini-comic with color interiors and a glossy color cover

Pre-order your copy of Blirps today!