I’m very pleased to announce that Blirps #2 is now at the printer and is available for pre-order in our store! Something funny happened while I was prepping the last Blirps book, inspiration hit me. Maybe it was re-reading all the old comics, maybe it was just that enough time had passed, but for whatever reason Blirp comic ideas were coming to me left and right. And, in a very short time, I created enough for another collection! Here’s a quick preview for you to enjoy:

Blirps #2

Blirps 2 cover Blirps 2 page 1 Blirps 2 page 2

Everyone’s favorite awkward long-necked monsters return in another collection of comics! Witness more awkward conversations, anxiety, fear and confidence. Collects 9 of the Blirps adventures in one comic!

8 page 4X6 mini-comic with color interiors and a glossy color cover

Pre-order your copy of Blirps #2 today!