I’m very pleased to announce that Drunken Cat Comics is now an award-winning webcomic! 

Derek and I were very honored to receive an award for our little webcomic this past April at SPACE. When we revamped the website last year one of our many goals was to improve the quality of the comics we were putting up. It was this goal that led to us closing down our current webcomics (Daily Shots and Mixed Drink Wednesday) and creating a new update schedule that was less monumental than our previous daily update schedule. An update schedule that we’re proud to say we’ve been able to keep for well over a year now.

We’d like to thank Bob Corby and the other judges of the SPACE Prize for this honor.


Some of Our Personal Favorite Comics

In an effort to make your lives easier, Derek and I have compiled a list of some of our personal favorite comics from 2015 that we feel may have been responsible for this award… or not. Regardless, these are some of our favs.

50 Shades of Whiplash  The Job Interview

Why I Do It  Ninja Turtle Memories

iWant vs. I Need  When Spiders Cross a Line

My…Friend? Depression  The Biggest Cat Toy

Hostage Negotiation  An Abusive Relationship

Can’t Buy Love  Baggage

Batman vs. God  

You may also want to check out our list of Most Popular Comics from 2015. This list is based on which comics got the most views.


What all this mean for you the reader?

For those of you who have been reading our comics for a while, now you can tell your friends that you read an award-winning webcomic. For those of you who have never read our webcomic… I don’t know… I guess you’re missing out on some awesome webcomics;)